How to build the Shopify brand independent station quickly?

To be a brand, you must have a brand display and sales official website. Everyone wants to build a powerful and practical brand independent station. Combining the current hotspots, today I will share with you how to use Shopify to quickly build a website. Of course, the articles I follow will also detail some other site-building tools such as Magento, Opencart, WordPress, BigCommerce, Wix, Squarespace, Weebly, 3dcart, SITE123, Volusion, PrestaShop, Pinnacle Cart, which have their own advantages. . At present, for small and medium sellers, choosing Shopify to build a station is the most suitable, easy to operate, and powerful.

Using Shopify to build a station is more suitable for vertical categories and brands.

I started to build a brand independent station with Shopify in 2012. At that time, I sold high-end Bluetooth headsets and Bluetooth audio, and the price was around 80-120 US dollars. By winning the first batch of seed users in Kickstarter crowdfunding, and then carefully operating the fans, improving the product and improving the shopping experience, the sales of independent stations have been good.

So how do you build your own Shopify website?

First, open the shopify official website. Prepare a Google Mailbox and install the VPN Overlay software on your computer. Enter the email address, set the password, and give the store an English name.

Second, follow the prompts and complete the setup step by step. The address is written in China’s address, no problem.

Register your email address, set your password and store name, and remember to make a note.

Once set up, go directly to Shopify backstage and have a 14-day free trial period. If you just want to try it, you don’t need to bind a credit card. After binding the credit card, remember to close the password on the home page of the website (Disable storefront password) so that your website can be accessed.

The following chapter introduces the background of Shopify. There are a lot of things to be set in the background. To manage a brand independent station, you need to invest a lot of manpower and resources, and you should do every detail with great care.

Let’s talk about setting up today, which is the Settings section.


Click General, you need to set the order number, add a prefix or suffix, of course you do not set Okay. If you have multiple Shopify stores or a large order volume, it is recommended to set it.

Store currency is the currency your independent station receives, choose United States Dollars.

Payment providers

That is the way to collect money. Generally, do European and American countries, choose PayPal collection and credit card collection.

Here, there are some places to pay attention to:

1.PayPal collection account must be registered with company information. Money can only be withdrawn to the public account, but the withdrawal to the public account is very troublesome, not only to pay taxes, but also to handle various procedures is very troublesome. Therefore, our general practice is to register a Hong Kong company, then register a PayPal account with the information of the Hong Kong company, and finally withdraw the money from PayPal to the Hong Kong bank, and then transfer the money to the country. Another way is, if you are using the PayPal payment account registered with the domestic company profile, you can downgrade the current PayPal payment account to the legal person’s personal collection account according to the PayPal official recommendation, and then you can directly put the money. Withdrawal to the personal bank card of the legal person.

2.When registering a PayPal account with a Hong Kong company, at the bottom of the PayPal official website, the country selects Hong Kong, China. It is important to note that the network environment should be stable when logging into the PayPal computer.

What is the network environment to be stable?

It is recommended that you use a new computer to register. This computer can’t go to the foreign website from time to time, and then close the VPN over-the-wall software to open the domestic website. PayPal’s risk control system is very powerful. In this network environment, if you log in to your PayPal account, it is often unsuccessful to log in. There are two situations that are often encountered: one is that you cannot log in, and the other is that you must reset your password to log in. Therefore, it is recommended that you use a computer with a stable network environment to register your PayPal account and log in to your PayPal account only on this computer.

Credit card collection channel

There are many companies in China that do credit card collection. It is recommended to choose a company with a high success rate, and compare the next year fee and access fee to find a reliable company.

Check out
How to set up the checkout page?

Style: It is recommended not to set up, be a friend of the brand independent station, upload a brand logo. Pay attention to the size, after uploading and saving, remember to check the effect on the page that initiated the checkout.

Customer account Here you choose accounts are optional, meaning that consumers can buy without registering.

Customer Contact The first one selected here is that customers can initiate a checkout by using their mobile phone number or email. If you fill in the phone number, the order status update will be sent to your phone as a text message. If you fill out a mailbox, the order status update will be sent to your mailbox.

Other settings are checked according to your needs

Ie shipping template settings

Different transportation times and logistics costs are set according to different countries. You can also choose to pack. It should be noted here that at the front end of the website, there must be a section on transportation time and freight, which informs consumers of product transportation time and logistics costs. Avoid buyers always ask logistics questions and reduce the workload.

If you have friends from overseas warehouses, it is recommended to ship from overseas warehouses to improve conversion rate and shopping experience. As a seller of Amazon, if the Amazon warehouse has inventory, you can also ship from the Amazon warehouse.

Axis tax

There is no need to set up here, usually the price does not include tax, so the goods arrive at the customs, like the customs of Canada and India. If the parcel is found, the customs officers will inform the customer to pay the tax and the parcel will be released.


There is no need to set it here. If you have multiple repositories, it is recommended to set multiple warehouse addresses. However, you will encounter a problem. When you use ERP to make a single shipment, you will have trouble, so it is recommended to use only one warehouse address.

Gift cards are generally not set

Sales Channel

Add Facebook and Messenger. Once set up, Shopify’s self-built products will be synced to the Facebook page and you will need to select your Facebook page. Of course, you can also create a store to sell products directly on the brand Facebook homepage.


The Account page can be upgraded. Manage sub accounts, you can set access rights. If your Shopify website does not operate, you can sell or close or suspend your website.

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